100% Natural Crystal Stone
1、Company Profile
Wholesalecrystalstone is a wholesale crystal supplier in China, we set up our own factory (500 square meters), the company was established in 2015, has been adhering to the "integrity of business, service to the purpose", we 2015-2021, we are in China domestic sales, we provide product retailers to export to Europe and the United States and other countries. From 2015 to 2021, we will sell in China and export to Europe and America.
In 2022, we will develop business on the Internet to achieve the effect of "one piece is also the wholesale price".

2、Operating business
Our main business includes: wholesale sales of crystal stones, wholesale sales of crystal ware, amethyst, pinkamethyst, rosequartz, minerals, phosphorus, floragate, raw, clean quartz, smoky quartz, moss agate We provide services for labradorite, citrine, fluorite, ruby, carneline, tourmaline, malachite, carving, ocean Jasper, Amazonite, druzy, etc.

3、Company philosophy
The company has always been adhering to the integrity of the management, service to the purpose.
We always keep in mind the glorious mission of "becoming the source of crystal wholesale in China". We are always concerned about the real needs of each customer, and strive to make our customers have a beautiful experience.

4、Business Innovation
Since its establishment, the company has focused on quality crystal stone development and design, unlike traditional retailers, and has developed more personalized products according to the characteristics of the times, and through the elaborate design of crystal stones, understanding the needs of customers in all aspects, so that customers have more faith and soul attachment to our products.

5、Company team
Most of the team members are post-80s and 90s, with a lot of vitality and enthusiasm. They have many years of design experience and have been engaged in crystal research for many years.

6、Future goal
We strive to be the most reputable crystal supplier in the market, and believe that customer trust and satisfaction are the driving force behind our efforts. We will never forget our originality, operate with integrity and serve sincerely!

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