100% Natural Crystal Stone
Daily maintenance and care of crystal gifts

(i) Sunlight demagnetization cleaning method.

Cleaning method.

Simply place the crystal in a location where it can be exposed to direct sunlight, such as windowsills and terraces; the exposure time should be about 30 minutes to 1 hour.


(1) If you place paper or other combustible objects near the crystals, there is a risk of fire.

(2) However, if the color element of the crystals contains copper and iron, this cleaning method is not applicable, as these substances will oxidize when exposed to sunlight for a long time, thus causing the crystals to lose their color. Chromophores containing copper and iron include crystals with red or purple color.

(b) Moonlight and starlight method.

Daily maintenance and care of crystal gifts

Cleaning method.

Whenever the moon is full on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, it is a good time to sunbathe the stone because the moon's light is particularly strong that night. You can also place the stone on the terrace on a clear night when the sky is clear and the stars are shining, so that it can absorb the essence of the starlight to purify the stone.

Besides the night of the full moon, the days before and after the full moon are also suitable for this method.


If a purple or red crystal is irradiated, please remember to retrieve it before noon of the following day, otherwise the sunlight will affect the pigment of the crystal and cause it to fade.

(iii) Sea salt washing method.

Daily maintenance and care of crystal gifts

Cleaning method.

Put the crystal into a cup of salt water with appropriate amount of sea salt (or coarse salt) and dip it for three to four hours to dissipate the magnetic field around the crystal.


(1) If the crystals are embedded in metal objects, such as rings, pendants, etc., please remove the crystals from the metal objects before putting them into the salt water, otherwise the color and brightness of the metal objects will be affected.

(2) Please note that this type of cleaning method may cause changes to the inclusions of the crystal after cleaning.

There are two types of crystal gifts: artificial crystal and natural crystal:

①Eye: Natural crystals always have some impurities during the formation process, often due to environmental influences, and when you look at them in the sun, you can see faint and even small horizontal lines or wispy material. Fake crystals, on the other hand, are mostly made from residual crystal slag and glass slag, which are processed by polishing and coloring, and do not have uniform stripes or wispy material.

②Tongue licking: Even in the hot summer days, natural crystals have a cold and cool sensation when licked with the tongue. Fake crystals have no cool sensation.

③Lighting: Natural crystals, when placed vertically in the sunlight, give off a beautiful glow no matter which angle they are viewed from. Fake crystals do not.

④Hardness: Natural crystals are so hard that a light scratch with a broken stone on the jewelry will not leave a trace; if it leaves a streak, it is a fake crystal.

⑤Check with polarizer: natural crystals with four bright and four dark changes when rotated 360 degrees under a polarizer are natural crystals; those without changes are fake crystals.

⑥Check with dichroism: Natural amethysts have dichroism, while fake crystals do not have dichroism.

(⑦) Check with a magnifying glass: If you check with a tenfold magnifying glass under transmitted light, those that can find bubbles can basically be designated as fake crystals.

⑧Checking with a hair: If a crystal is placed on a hair, and the human eye can see the double shadow of the hair through the crystal, it is a natural crystal, mainly because the crystal is birefringent.

⑨Check with a thermal conductivity meter: adjust the thermal conductivity meter to green 4 cells to test the gemstone, natural crystals can rise to yellow 2 cells, while fake crystals do not rise, and rise to yellow 1 cell when the area is large.

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