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Crystals are very common in everyday life, such as crystal ornaments, crystal jewelry, etc. Besides being used for decoration, some people use the energy emitted by crystals to improve their luck, strengthen their fortune, and even cure diseases, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of crystals, because if they are contaminated, they will destroy their efficacy and their own brilliance.

Today wholesalecrystalstone is here to teach you some methods of cleaning crystals.

1、Sunlight demagnetization cleaning method

Simply place the crystal in a location where it can be exposed to direct sunlight, such as windowsills and terraces, for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

However, it should be noted that the crystals in the sunlight will produce focusing effect, such as placed near the crystals in the paper or other combustible items, will cause the risk of fire.

2, moonlight star morning irradiation method

Whenever there is a full moon, because the moon's light is particularly strong, it is a good time to sunbathe the stone, the method is very simple, just put the crystal on the terrace or window, accept the moonlight irradiation for one night. In addition, you can also place the stone on the terrace on a clear night when the sky is clear and the stars are shining, so that it can absorb the essence of the starlight to purify the stone.

However, if you are using purple or red crystals, please remember to take them back before noon the next day, otherwise the sunlight will affect the color of the crystals and make them fade.

3、Sea Salt Cleaning Method

Put the crystals into a cup of salt water with a suitable amount of sea salt and soak it for three to four hours to dissipate the magnetic field around the crystals.

However, if the crystal is set in a metal object to make an ornament, such as a ring, pendant, etc., please remove the crystal from the metal object before putting it into the salt water, otherwise it will affect the color and brightness of the metal surface.

4、Snow pile burying method

The magnetic field around the crystal can be eliminated by burying the crystal directly in the frost and snow for a few hours. However, if the crystal is large, it is not suitable to use this cleaning method. The main reason is that if the crystal is buried in the snow pile for a period of time and then removed, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the snow pile will cause cold shrinkage and thermal expansion, which may cause the crystal to burst.

5、Water purification method

You can put the crystal under the faucet rinse about twenty minutes, can balance the negative energy of the crystal. However, it is not suitable to use this cleaning method for crystals that belong to pyrite or blue copper ore, because these ores contain iron and copper, which cannot be rinsed by water.

6, incense purification method

You can burn some incense or incense incense in the room, and then put the crystals in which to accept the smoke, has the effect of purifying the magnetic field of crystals.

7、Natural cleaning

Just put the crystal in the countryside and let the peaceful and harmonious sound of nature purify the magnetic field of the crystal, this cleaning method can also increase the energy of the crystal.

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